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Tuk Meric is a simple yet versatile sauce that combines Kampot Peppercorns, Kampot Sea Salt and Organic Sugar and it is a wonderful accompaniment to any dish – meat, seafuood, veg or even chilled papaya or other fruits and berries.  The perfect way to introduce folks to the ‘Best Pepper Ever’ and share your commitment to sustainable agriculture, help alleviate food insecurity at home or help other worthwhile causes.

Your clients will love this simple corporate gift (swag bag) and will remember that it was you that introduced them to an exquisite new taste experience.

Once folks try Kampot Pepper no other pepper will do. You need to discover this for yourself so we invite you to try Fair Trade Kampot Pepper – the ‘Best Pepper Ever’.


One thing we have learned since we began to introduce Kampot Pepper to folks is that people really need to try ‘the best pepper in the world’.  As the saying goes the proof of the pudding is in the eating! So we created a ‘swag’ bag of  ‘Tux Meric’  the lime and pepper sauce that the late Anthony Bourdain raved about. All folks have to do is to ‘Just Add Lime’ and voilá an instant, OMG delicious sauce that is enjoyed daily by millions of Cambodians and others from South East Asia

The idea behind this ‘Swag Bag’ is that by gifting this you are helping build a loyal following te help combat hunger.  Truly a  Gift That Gives Back. . Spice up your giving with the Best Pepper Ever.

We work with CSR teams to create a customized message that tells how and why their chose this giveaway to help support sustainable agriculture, alleviate food insecurity or help other worthwhile community causes.


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