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There’s pepper and then there’s Cambodia’s Kampot pepper. You might think that the stuff that comes out of shakers and grinders is pretty much the same wherever you go, but to increasing numbers of chefs, restaurateurs and foodies, ordinary pepper bears as much resemblance to Kampot pepper as vin de table does to fine Bordeaux. 


Kampot Pepper is known as the best pepper in the world. It holds the prestigious Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) that puts it on the same footing as other appellations of origin like Champagne, Cognac, Darjeeling Tea… Once you have tried Kampot Pepper no other pepper will do.

Purchasing Fair Trade Kampot Pepper not only helps smallholder farmers and creates an ongoing revenue stream for the Surrey Food Bank it helps mitigate climate change, promotes and maintains soil health, prevents desertification, protects our pollinators and fosters bio-diversity. Additionally, partnering with smallholder farmers fosters Gender Equity, as most smallholders are women and girls that do not have an equitable share in revenue or ownership.