About Kampot Pepper

Kampot Pepper is regarded as the ‘best pepper in the world’. In 2016 it received Protected Geographical Indicator status (PGI) putting it on the same footing as other appellation of origin brands like Champagne, Darjeeling, Cognac, Bourdeaux…

Kampot pepper comes in four varieties:  green, black, white and red, all from the same plant. The climate of Kampot Province offers perfect conditions for growing pepper and the quartz content of the soil in the foothills of the Elephant Mountains helps to give Kampot pepper its unique flavour. The growing conditions are only one of several elements of importance to the production of Kampot pepper. Knowledge of pepper cultivation and production has been handed down from generation to generation in Kampot Province since at least the 13th century and was first described by Chinese diplomat Zhou Daguan when he visited the area during the height of the Angkor Empire.

We offer three of the four varieties. We intend to offer the green peppercorns next next year.

Pepper posts under the canopy
Visiting the farm